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Governing Faction: Xenon

Map Coordinates:

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

In the Terrans' attempts to expand beyond their borders in the latter days of the Terran Conflict, systems such as Toride and Atiya’s Misfortune became beacons of hope for a race that was lost and broken. However, scared and on the run, the Terrans did not properly scout their colony locations. While Toride's fate is still unknown, Atiya’s Misfortune was quickly discovered to contain a heavy Xenon presence, forcing the Terrans to flee once more.

Argon and Paranid scouts have since been able to map out most of the system, in the hope that one day the Xenon can be cleared out

Notable Stations


  • Derelict Terraformer CPU ship (AM1)
  • Toride asteroids (AM3)


This system houses the main Xenon production facilities for the Atiya's Misfortune / Faulty Logic region. Incursions are launched from here into Antigone and Holy Order systems.


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