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Governing Faction: Argon Federation

Map Coordinates: N/A

Encyclopedia Entry

While the Black Hole Sun system found itself in a comparatively stable situation after the Jump Gate shutdown, thanks to the cessation of Xenon incursions, the people of this sector are still subject to frequent piracy. Before the shutdown, pirates used to go out of their way to take upon themselves the arduous journey into the system, enticed by the rich pickings its remote position and instability provided. Nowadays, cut off from the other Argon systems and situated in close proximity to Teladi space, this sector makes for an even more attractive target.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations

  • Argon Trading Station


Inter-Sector Connections

Inter-System Connections


Black Hole Sun V is nearly identical to Black Hole Sun IV in almost all respects except that in its small resource region it does not contain any minerals.

<sector screenshot>

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