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Blueprints are required to construct the various modules that can be assembled together to form a functioning station. Blueprints are also required to build ships and equipment for them. Note that, in order to use resupply ships to supply subordinates with e.g. Missiles or Torpedo's, the corresponding blueprints is needed because the resupply ship constructs them from scratch.

Obtaining Blueprints

Blueprints can be obtained either by buying them from the faction to whom the blueprint belongs or by scanning data leaks on station modules.

Buying from factions

The player may purchase blueprints from the six factions in the game. To do so visit the faction representative. Note that some blueprints require certain licenses, which can be obtained by completing the promotion missions offered by friendly factions. The complete list of where to purchase the blueprints can be found here.

Scanning Data Leaks

Alternatively piracy can be used to obtain blueprints whereby you can hack station modules to get their blueprints. However, for most modules this requires that you have certain Player HQ researches completed. After you have done so, every data leak on a station module has a chance to give you it's blueprint. To speed up the generation of data leaks it's possible to use an EMP bomb from the spacesuit. Please note that obtaining the blueprints for Shipyard/Wharf and equipment dock modules are not obtainable via leak scanning, consequently they must be bought from a faction.

Venture Module Blueprints

Players that have successfully logged into the Egosoft online system should obtain Venture blueprints automatically.

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