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Reunion! The following page contains information relating to content from the Cradle of Humanity DLC

Governing Faction: Segaris Pioneers

Map Coordinates: -9,-4

Also known as: Proxima Centauri

Encyclopedia Entry

Originally connected to Earth via a Jump Gate, Brennan's Triumph's most significant planet, Taurus, was the first planet outside the Sol system to be colonised by human explorers. When they lost contact with Earth, most of these settlers would eventually travel further into the gate network to establish a government in Argon Prime.

After the system's invasion and the tragic razing of Taurus during the First Terraformer War, the surviving colonists fled, leaving the system uninhabited. When the Xenon were pushed out of the system, Brennan's Triumph became a haven for piracy - most notably the organised slave trade - much to the dismay of the Argon Federation, who repeatedly attempted to put an end to this criminal activity. While the Argon Federation failed to regain control of the system, the Jump Gate shutdown would prove disastrous for the resident pirate groups. Since their economy relied exclusively on raiding neighbouring system, it completely collapsed when those systems became inaccessible.

When the Terran government established a new connection between Neptune and Brennan's Triumph, they sent the Pioneer Initiative in to colonise the system. Now, the Segaris Pioneers are happy to have claimed it for themselves, despite its troubled history.

Resource values


Sector Layout

Notable Stations


  • Inactive Jumpgate

Inter-System Connections


Brennan's Triumph is a sector with great ship offerings with the Segarian ship production installations which are capable of producing the Terran lineup with some variations and is much more accessible than the Terran Shipyard in The Moon in terms of befriending the Pioneers. The system is also the start of the Pioneer's "Project Genesis" gamestart and is a safe area to begin trading or doing missions.

Segaris Pioneers' Wharf