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Governing Faction: Holy Order of the Pontifex

Map Coordinates: -1,-4

Former Name(s): Cardinal's Domain (X3)

Encyclopedia Entry

This system used to be the capital of the Second Duchy of the Paranid. When the Paranid set out for distant space, the high priests who stayed behind nominated a new Cardinal for spiritual guidance. When the Gates shut down, it was that Cardinal whom the isolated Paranid population turned towards. He led them well, and the resident Paranids would see the system be reconnected to the greater Paranid realm.

However, tensions arose when the system's Paranid were confronted by the fervent Holy Order, who would not tolerate another religious authority who did not follow their Pontifex's teachings. The Cardinal did something almost unthinkable when he converted and stepped down from his leadership duties. In doing so, he avoided otherwise certain conflict and saved countless lives. This decision did not go over well with the Godrealm, who, upon learning of his betrayal, set a considerable bounty on his head.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations


  • Data Vault

Inter-System Connections


The mining centre of the Holy Order this system is densely populated with asteroids making this sector appropriate for mining operations that are lucrative in supplying the war-hungry Holy Order.

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