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Consumables are something that the player will always require more of to maintain efficient operations. Drones are automatically deployed as independent vessels by ships and stations when required and will often come into the line of fire. Missiles are automatically consumed as projectiles by missile and torpedo launching weapons and turrets. Other consumables need to be manually deployed when the situation requires to perform specialised tasks and are vulnerable if undefended.

NameMinimal PriceAverage PriceMaximum PriceProduction Ware 1 (No.)Production Ware 2 (No.)Production Ware 3 (No.)Production Time (s)HullOther
Advanced Satellite8,87610,44312,009Advanced Electronics (10)Energy Cells (20)Scanning Arrays (10)60150Radar (75km)
Building Drone9,65411,35813,061Drone Components (1)Energy Cells (50)Smart Chips (10)60207 
Cargo Drone10,02811,79813,567Drone Components (1)Energy Cells (50)Smart Chips (10)60523 
Defence Drone11,90214,00316,103Drone Components (1)Energy Cells (50)Smart Chips (30)901,900Uses S Pulse Laser Mk1
EMP Missile Mk18089501093Energy Cells (10)Missile Components (11)-123 
Flares2,1792,4212,663Advanced Composites (1)Energy Cells (9)-1???Automatically used to decoy missiles
Friend/Foe Mine17,47820,56323,647Energy Cells (11)Smart Chips (30)Weapon Components (3)6010010k explosion damage
Heavy Cluster Missile Mk11,5301,8002,070Energy Cells (20)Missile Components (12)-3913 
Heavy Dumbfire Missile Mk1451530610Energy Cells (7)Missile Components (5)-159 
Heavy Dumbfire Missile Mk21,5391,8102,082Energy Cells (14)Missile Components (25)-1.565 
Heavy Guided Missile Mk11,9152,2532,590Energy Cells (16)Missile Components (3)Smart Chips (3)272 
Heavy Heatseeker Missile Mk12,1782,5632,947Energy Cells (20)Missile Components (6)Smart Chips (3)463 
Heavy Smart Missile Mk12,4652,9003,335Energy Cells (20)Missile Components (3)Smart Chips (4)281 
Heavy Swarm Missile Mk11,9342,2752,616Energy Cells (20)Missile Components (10)Smart Chips (2)277 (8x) 
Heavy Torpedo Missile Mk117,56320,66323,762Energy Cells (40)Missile Components (40)Smart Chips (35)6194 
Laser Tower Mk115,32618,03020,735Drone Components (1)Energy Cells (50)Smart Chips (20)1,800 (0.5h)1,001Uses S Beam Emitter Mk1
Laser Tower Mk220,66424,31027,957Drone Components (2)Energy Cells (50)Smart Chips (20)1,800 (0.5h)5,000Uses S Beam Emitter Mk2
Light Cluster Missile Mk1680800920Energy Cells (15)Missile Components (4)-1.5326 
Light Dumbfire Missle Mk1213250288Energy Cells (5)Missile Components (1)-121 
Light Dumbfire Missile Mk2553650748Energy Cells (10)Missile Components (5)-1.523 
Light Guided Missle Mk1729858986Energy Cells (8)Missile Components (1)Smart Chips (1)126 
Light Heatseeker Missile Mk18399881136Energy Cells (10)Missile Components (2)Smart Chips (1)223 
Light Smart Missile Mk11,2111,4251,639Energy Cells (10)Missile Components (1)Smart Chips (2)129 
Light Swarm Missile Mk19671,1381,308Energy Cells (10)Missile Components (5)Smart Chips (1)127 (8x) 
Light Torpedo Missile Mk13,9214,6135,304Energy Cells (28)Missile Components (8)Smart Chips (7)369 
Marines (???)










Mine4,8435,6986,552Energy Cells (5)Weapon Components (3)-1010010k explosion damage
Mining Drone15,32618,03020,735Drone Components (1)Energy Cells (50)Smart Chips (20)301,700Miner Ships only
Nav Beacon1,1311,3301,530Energy Cells (1)Hull Parts (1)-60???Used to mark places of interest
Repair Drone9,65411,35813,061Drone Components (1)Energy Cells (50)Smart Chips (10)60207???

Resource Probe

5,2496,1757,101Energy Cells (1)Hull Parts (1)Scanning Arrays (1)10100Detects Resources (500m)
Satellite4,1524,8855,618Energy Cells (1)Scanning Arrays (1)-60100Radar (30km)
Tracker Mine9,05510,65312,250Energy Cells (7)Smart Chips (10)Weapon Components (3)6010010k explosion damage

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