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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Plot Spoilers

This page contains major plot spoilers for the Free Families Conflict Plot.
Note: Becomes The Cabal of Curbs if the Player sides with the Patriarchy in the Free Families Conflict

Short Name: CUB (CAB if siding with ZYA in the Free Families conflict)

Moniker(s): The Curbs

Race Description

The aggressive Split live in a society constantly changing leadership where challenging factions rise up to impose a new Patriarch. Their short temper and fiery disposition puts them at odds with other races which has sometimes lead to war, notably with the Boron and Argon.

Faction Description

"Patriarchs? Ha! This Cabal of Curbs" - Yu t'Knk

Throughout Split history it has been the males of the species, known to be more aggressive and impulsive, who have wielded political power, be it as Patriarchs of their own families or as High Patriarchs uniting inferiors under their empires. High Patriarch Ghus t'Gllt once noted that Patriarchs' impulsiveness often contributed to their untimely demise. To combat the worst excesses of male Split enthusiasm, he set up the position of "Curb", a female advisory role to work alongside male warriors and decision-makers. While some families later abandoned this function in their communities, others still employ Curbs to the present day.After the Free Families failed to completely unite and fend off the invasion by the Zyarth Patriarchy at the Fires of Defeat/Victory, the Curbs of the Free Families attributed this failure to the Patriarchs' irrational nature. At this pivotal point, the Curbs decided that it was within their mandate, set out by the historical High Patriarch Ghus t'Gllt, to curb not only their own Patriarchs, but Split society as well, by seizing power themselves.





Curbs Monitor-class auxiliary in their mottled grey livery


The Court of Curbs only get Sectors if the player advances the main Split Vendetta plot. If the player supports the curbs in the Free Families Conflict the Court of Curbs will seize all Free families sectors other than the two Family Tkr sectors. Regardless of what side the player chooses in the Free Families Conflict the Court of Curbs will still seize all Free families stations other than in the two Family Tkr sectors.


If The player sides with the Curbs they will take over most Free Families manufacturing facilities and can produce all variants of all split ships (including those that only Zyarth could produce: Chimera and Cobra). Additionally, it is important to note that the Free Families and the Cabal of Curbs are the only producers of Split Flak Turrets.


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