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Satellites give a constant view of the surrounding Map tiles enabling points of interest to be monitored for danger or military activity and to update the trade information of nearby stations. A satellite reveals moderate area of space around the satellite while an Advanced Satellite reveals a larger area.

Nav Beacon

A deployable used to mark areas of space which are of interest to the player but do not show on the map. Commonly used for marking Anomalies and Data vaults.

Resource Probe

Deploys a probe that reports resource types and amounts near the probe. Deploy on or near red, blue or purple map tiles for the best results.

Laser Towers

Laser Towers when deployed (??? is there an unpack time) will shoot at nearby hostiles until destroyed making them useful for reinforcing positions or to distract pursuing ships. The Laser Tower MK1 is a potent defence but the Laser Tower MK2 is (??? damage or durability differences).


Space minefields can be used to disrupt fleet movements and safely destroy large ships remotely. Alternatively mines can be deployed by fleeing ships to stall attackers. A Mine once deployed will arm after (???) seconds and detonate on contact with ships to deal heavy damage irrespective of the ship owner. The Tracker Mine is even more advanced and will home in on nearby targets meaning fewer mines can cover a larger area or secure a kill. The Friend-Foe Mine is a smart mine that will only detonate when it contacts hostiles making it good for securing areas frequented by player ships and friendly NPCs.

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