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Medium or larger ships and stations can deploy Drones automatically to aid them during their operation. Builder ships use Building Drones to construct station modules. Wares can be transferred using Cargo Drones between ships or where stations lack appropriate docking modules. Defence Drones will be deployed to help attack nearby enemies. Large Miner ships use Gas Collector Drones and Mining Drones to collect Liquid and Solid resources. Repair Drones use repair lasers to repair hull damage when out of combat.


  1. Anonymous

    How do you deploy the drones, specifically mining drones?

  2. Anonymous

    Description on how to purchase drones would be helpful.


  3. Anonymous

    One does not deploy drones. it would be nice if we had control over this, IMO, but we do not.

    some random notes about drones.



    Defense drones deploy automatically depending on apparently several factors (is parent ship attacking? Are nearby friendlies being attacked? these are just guesses based on observation).
    Mining / Gas drones deploy when there are materials near the parent ship that are gather-able (this means the parent ship must break large asteroids first, for the loot able drops). 

    Cargo drones are used mostly by stations. If two stations are near enough for mass traffic to be established, the drones will automatically transfer wares from producing stations to consuming stations. (This is hearsay, i have not witnessed it.)

    They are used by L and XL ships to transfer wares to and from stations, however, so it is wise to keep them around.

    It is a viable strategy to have no cargo drones on your ships if you intend to only use them at your own stations, and keep a number of them on the stations they will interact with. 

    Finally, repair drones are utilized by the crew to expedite repairs (at all times, not just out of combat.) 

    It appears that a crewman must man each repair drone, but it appears they are remote controlled as no crew is lost when drones are destroyed.

    Repair drones never seem to launch from M class ships. they may, or may not, actually improve the rate of repair for them. 

    Repair Drones do not interact with ships other than the parent/  they will not help other ships repair.


    You can buy drones for your M/L/XL ships in the ship repair/rearm menu. This is the same section that includes missiles.

    For stations: drones are acquired by going into the logical station overview, scrolling to the bottom, and defining how many drones you want on the station with the drop-down menu. The station will construct drones from delivered wares ((Ecells?) smart chips and drone components) automatically.

    for ships, drone capacity is also referred to as unit capacity in the repair/rearm interface. They are available for M class ships and above.

    Not all ship types utilize all the different drone types. IE, the Cerberus Sentinel i fly frequently never launches the one repair done i keep in it. Also, it never has a reason to use cargo drones. That's not to say it cannot. It is a rare occasion to have a ware transfer between two ships that cannot dock in some way, even with a nearby station, which is a much faster method. 

    For stations, drone capacity is defined by the modules the station is built from. If you go into the build screen, you can view the provided storage space for each module. <table here>

    A good thing to know would be how much a drone costs to build in each ware type<table here>


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