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Governing Faction: Teladi Company

Map Coordinates: 1,-1

Encyclopedia Entry

This sector is named after a financial incident caused by the famous Teladi Isemados Sibasomos Nopileos IV in Company Pride. During his studies, Nopileos programmed an AutoBroker, which made a quick profit of 18 billion Credits on the stock market. Knowing that excess profits made before he turned 16 would be taken by the Teladi Company as payment for his education, Nopileos instead donated this money to a charity supporting Boron orphans. While the charity received more Credits than the Queendom of Boron's annual budget, Nopileos was expelled for hiding money from the Teladi Company. To this day, the Teladi are still astonished by the great achievement of an underling, but similarly shocked by the altruistic use of this capital. Following in Nopileos's steps, small groups of Teladi in this sector try to live by his example.

A later marketing endeavour by the Teladi Company tried to tie the sector's name to the alleged 18 billion Teladi casualties in the first great Xenon conflict. The Teladi Company still claims that the sector's name is referring to this incident.

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Eighteen Billion is home to the Ministry of Finance's principle wharf and shipyard making it an ideal region to raise reputation with the unfriendly faction. Its small resource regions can also prove helpful for industry, however, Grand Exchange and Silent Witness make for a more reliable supply of material resource.

With the addition of Tides of Avarice, Eighteen Billion is a great place for players to take advantage of the new DLC sectors without having to maintain a base in potentially hostile or just dangerous space.

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