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Updated for version 5.10

Equipment is what ships and stations use to improve combat capabilities, functionality and defence. Equipment includes consumables, crew, engines, shields, software, thrusters, turrets and weapons.

  • Consumables are once off use wares launched by missiles and turrets or manually deployed at a point to perform a specific function.
  • Crew pilot, maintain and defend ships and stations or can be used to take over other ships and stations.
  • Engines determine the speed and acceleration of a ship.
  • Shields create an extra regenerating layer of defence against hull damage for both ships and stations.
  • Software adds extra functions and capabilities to a ship making piloting and ordering it around easier.
  • Thrusters determine how quickly a ship rotates around the axes.
  • Weapons are fired by the main battery of ships to deal damage to targets.
  • Turrets are used by ships and stations to autonomously fire at targets, or in the case of tugs, towing wreckage.


  1. Anonymous

    Egosoft not remember "generator" that on old X3 existed? BHA.

  2. Shields have built in generators.

  3. Anonymous

    Needs a page for shields.

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