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There are 11 factions in X4: Foundations of which 9 (???) can be befriended by the player. Each faction has allies that they will support and enemies that they will compete against. Factions will try to expand the number of ships and stations that they own and even attempt to annex entire sectors. Performing actions that benefit a faction like killing their enemies, completing missions for them or trading at their stations will increase the rank the player has with the faction while performing hostile or illegal acts will reduce the rank. The Xenon and Kha'ak are locked to hostile at -30 rank while the Scale plate Pact is locked at -5 rank.

Faction List

Faction Representatives

Each faction has a representative found at a specific Wharf, Shipyard, Equipment Dock or Trading Station of the faction. Faction Representatives award promotions to the player at faction ranks 10 and 20 along with issuing certain licences. With promotions some Missions are also unlocked. They also sell Licences and Blueprints for the faction to the player.


If the player wants to purchase certain Ships, Equipment or Blueprints and to build certain Station Modules within sectors owned by a faction they will require the appropriate licence. Unlicensed station modules will be destroyed by the military of the faction if found in their territory. Some licences can be purchased from the Faction Representative while others are only awarded for reaching specific faction rank milestones. 

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