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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Short Name: FAF

Moniker(s): The Fallen

Race Description

The aggressive Split live in a society constantly changing leadership where challenging factions rise up to impose a new Patriarch. Their short temper and fiery disposition puts them at odds with other races which has sometimes lead to war, notably with the Boron and Argon.

Faction Description

Known as the Fallen Families, these pariahs are nomadic Split who live in their military fleets and individual ships. They consist of a diverse assortment of Split made up of individuals who went into exile after their former Families were defeated, slaves who regained their freedom, freelance mercenaries, adventurers, and assorted criminals. Taking full advantage of their military prowess, the Fallen Families survive through raids and plundering, sometimes under the employ of third parties. Having no ties to any of the numerous Split families, they are often looked down upon as Split with neither political influence nor power. However, they are also surreptitiously admired for their dedication to the militaristic life and for surviving beyond the safety of a family. They take pride in being called the Fallen, and are willing to endure the accompanying loss of face. Their goal is not just to struggle to survive as outcasts of society, however, but to become famous through their heroic deeds, and ultimately to rise again as they establish their own Patriarchies.





The Fallen Families do not start with and can never gain sectors. This is a product of the faction's lack of an economy and its inability to build any infrastructure.


The Fallen Families operate pirate ships often disguised as other factions much like the Scale Plate Pact. The most common ships the Fallen Families operate are Dragon Raiders and Rattlesnakes, these are built at the free families shipyards and wharves in Heart of Acrimony II. These ships are easy to spot in visual range due to their distinctive geometric paintjob pattern.


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Fallen Families Rattlesnake in its distinctive paint job

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