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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Governing Faction: Family Tkr (a constituent of the Free Families)

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Encyclopedia Entry

Home of the Family Tkr, who have long been held in low esteem by other Split families. They were held responsible for an incident on their shipyard, which left over five hundred Split dead in its wake. This caused a loss of honor, and the other families quickly turned their backs. Additionally, the destruction of the shipyard left their economy crippled. They would have faded away, were it not for the Patriarch of all Split at the time recognising the value of an indebted and fragile family in close proximity to Teladi systems. The Family Tkr was offered protection from the other families by the Patriarch as long as they supplied him with slaves and resources from outside Split space. Split politics are a chaotic affair, and the historic records are muddled, but some scholars have proposed theories that the shipyard incident might not have been an accident, but targeted sabotage, to keep an ambitious family in line.

More recently, Patriarch Zyarth has made significant efforts to fold Family Tkr back into his empire. He recognised that despite their lowly status they are a still an important factor in the Split hierarchy and losing their support would shake up the fragile dynamics of power.

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