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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Governing Faction: Family Zhin (a constituent of the Zyarth Patriarchy) (formerly controlled by Family Dhiok)

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Encyclopedia Entry

Ruled at the time by the Patriarch Dhiok, this sector was plunged into a state of perpetual turmoil during the Jump Gate shutdown. Ambitious lesser families used the fact that Dhiok was cut off from the Patriarch of all Split's main domain to their advantage and staged a siege on the regent Patriarch's seat of power. They chose to starve him out because Dhiok's defences were heavily fortified. To the besiegers, it was apparent that a direct attack on the station would lead to severe casualties on both sides and was not a certain victory. But eventually, they grew restless and bored. The Patriarch of Family Zhin, leader of the revolt, feared that his coup would soon lose momentum, so he stepped up to challenge the regent to single combat in order to end the stalemate. Worried that he would dishonour himself and lose the support of the remaining loyal Split families, Patriarch Dhiok had no choice but to accept. The duel was swiftly carried out and resulted in Zhin assuming control.

When the Jump Gates reconnected, and Zhin was approached by Patriarch Zyarth, he was initially hesitant to relinquish sovereignty, but soon realised that his military would not stand a chance against the combined forces of Patriarchs Zyarth and Nhuut. Cautious not to repeat his predecessor's arrogant mistake, he yielded to Patriarch Zyarth to maintain a modicum of authority and power within the patriarchal structure.

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The most critical sector in the game for the survival of Zyarth, Family Zhin is not to be underestimated. If the Xenon take this sector or even impede on trading and mining it will split the Zyarth Patriarchy into two as well as reduce the availability of resources drastically with monumental flow-on effects.

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