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Governing Faction: Xenon

Map Coordinates:

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

Having had less direct contact with the Xenon than other races, and with their superior understanding of mathematics, the Paranid have always tolerated artificial intelligence more than other races. However, after the loss of Emperor Mines now called Faulty Logic they also know the risks that come with it, having seen one of their most secure systems overrun through a Xenon logic bomb. While every Paranid ship lay paralysed in space, the Xenon wiped them out. Many Paranid have since begun to wonder whether their tolerance for the machines has made them susceptible to further assault.

Notable Stations


  • Bidirectional Local Highway (FL1)
  • Sector-wide minefield (tracker mines) (FL7)


A major battleground between the Xenon and the Holy Order Faulty Logic also serves as a major resource supplier for the Xenon Shipyards located in Atiya's Misfortune.


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