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Governing Faction: Xenon

Map Coordinates:

Encyclopedia Entry

When the North Gate of Emperor Mines opened up into Xenon Sector 101, the Paranid core systems were caught completely off-guard. The Xenon struck with lightning speed, crippling all Paranid defences within minutes and systematically wiping out everything in-system.

It was only due to the quick thinking of Olmanckarsat, a Paranid fleet commander, that any escape was possible at all.

Recognising that the crippled Paranid fleet could do very little against a superior enemy, Olmanckarsat ordered the Paranid to instead kite the enemy away from stations and civilian traffic, destroying small pockets of Xenon before moving on to the next target.

Resource values


Resource Layout

<screenshot from map>

Notable Stations


  • Sector-wide minefield (tracker mines)

Inter-Sector Connections

Inter-System Connections


The minefield throughout the sector can make capturing this sector prohibitive when in sector itself. As it doesn't function in low-attention it is fairly safe to capture it remotely with no losses to the minefield itself. Once captured the minefield will persist and can still be deadly when in sector.

<sector screenshots>

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