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Proper Feedback Channels


Players are welcome to organise and share their thoughts on X4 via the wiki. However, please be aware that for practical reasons, Egosoft Developers and volunteer Moderators primarily use the Egosoft forum to gather and coordinate feedback. Therefore as ideas solidify here, wiki users are strongly encouraged to post related feedback on the Egosoft forum to help raise its awareness with Egosoft. Whilst this may not seem ideal, it is a practicality that we need to be aware of. To help with that process, a "Forum feedback thread" column has been added to the tables below. Thank you in advance  - Wiki Moderators.

Feedback intro

  • Players are welcome to share feedback and ideas for what they think would improve the current state of the game.
  • If you have feedback for the current game? Write it down here but please keep in mind the "Feedback Channel" section above!
  • Please include your forum/steam user name to ensure everyone is fairly represented, and please add a link to corresponding forum thread.
  • This page existing won't mean that Egosoft will implement something.
  • If you would like to see info on how content on this page has developed over time, see "Page History" under the "Tools" menu button.

General User Interface

Short title
Description / Discussion link
User name Forum feedback thread
Encyclopedia links

In the Encyclopedia are many things linked to each other. I would link all entries and mentions in the pages to the Encyclopedia.

Click on "Something" --> Page "Something", In the list is "Energy cells" --> Click --> Open page "Energy cells" --> Click back

Fast Key overview

While holding a button (for example "^ °" (zirkumflex)), a quick key overview should be visible. With a little bit transparent background, showing most of the key bindings.


Enemy sightings/


It would be nice to see a general history of faction strengths in a sector so say in Hatikvah's choice my traders are attacked by scale plate pirates fairly often, but its usually just a single ship.

it could say something like "Active Hostiles: Scale Plate Pirates, Fairly Weak" or in a Xenon Sector "Active Hostiles: Xenon, Overwhelming" or have a time component like with trade data.

Also a Faction History like "This System is Ruled by the Paranid, this system was once ruled by the Argon Federation"



Short title
Description / Discussion link
User nameForum feedback thread 
Ship and Equipment construction animation

When i build ships or change the equipment, the new ship or equipment is beeing visible constructed (or "drawn"). Lets use all these walking people in the station to construct the equipement/ship visually (with a "glowing/burning/welding" effect). Immersive!


Artificial Intelligence & Life

Short title
Description / Discussion link
User nameForum feedback thread 
Auto Trader Feedback

When using Auto Trader you receive messages pertaining to their action and trades, it would be useful to see what the actual profit from their trade was in this notification,

or a graph on an information page showing the amount spent vs the amount earned- per trader- per time cycle, to better understand how profitable an area is/was.


Other feedback

Short title
Description / Discussion link
User nameForum feedback thread 
Racing missions

The speed in this game feels great. Especially at the big highway. Lets make some racing mission.
Probably, add boosting and more control at the highway to get an advantage against the competitor.
Without competitor, drive as fast as you can to a target station and bring - for example - a small package of something. But dont make the mission "loose" if you were not fast enough, just descrease the reward (prevents completely frustrating).

Station announcementsWhoever thought to add in the announcement "Egosoft would like to thank you for buying their product" needs a friggin raise that was cool as hell hearing that. (hey feedback is feedback am i right?)Hellguard3 
List of Potential Quality of Life Improvementssee  

Declined Feedback (Will probably not be implemented)

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  1. Anonymous

    Player ship/trading glitch: When on board the player ship, selecting a trade pick up launches the ship to pick up wares, but the ship is not visible, no UI/HUD, selecting "get up" leaves you (still attached I suppose) flying dispossessed through space. Hopefully I'll arrive soon and see if the ship comes back into view...

  2. Anonymous

    Its a great game.

    I'll just collect some feedback. Safes time of developers and modders.

    Changes i made to this page:

    • Added my user name
    • I removed a feedback which i added because i don't think it makes sense anymore. ("coloring savegames", i just saw it on a livestream...)
    • Added feedback of other people from the forum and linked it (that means i entered their username)
    • Move "Encyclopedia entries" to the issue section and linked it
    • I'll keep adding feedback of people from the forums and mention them here

    So far i hope others will contribute.



  3. Anonymous

    To expand on the accepted feedback you already have around autotrading, I'm finding it somewhat hard to make use of the "Logical Overview" screen. It's good for what it has, but I'm lacking some accounting utilities to show me how much the station is earning, how much it's spending, how much each of its subordinates is contributing to it, and to have this at the "Empire" level would be quite useful - the info's all there, to a vast extent, it's just difficult to process in its current form. I think the station is making money, since every time I go to it it's got quite a lot in its credit account.

    It would also be useful to see planned expenditure against the station account, if the subordinate is about to trade to buy a resource, for instance - would help me know not to nick its last 10,000 credits before it gets there.

    A bit more explanation on "You are not licenced to buy this" - Okay - what licence do I need?!



  4. Anonymous

    If Im not flying I would like to be able to sit down next to my pilot on long trips instead on just standing there in the cockpit. Some ships have three and four seats. If i let my pilot fly the ship i would like to just sit and look out the windows while they fly. the moment I can walk up tho these empty seats but cannot sit down?   

    1. Anonymous

      so whats the point of havig the other chairs on the bridge if they can never be used by the player to sit down while your pilot flys the ship.

    2. Anonymous

      I adhere to this feedback, i would like to let my captain or pilot to handle the ship, and I just sit at the side and enjoy the trip or managing other stuffs while traveling.

  5. Anonymous

    Я оставлю свое предложение на русском языке, так хардкорней. Не правда ли?

    Я не знаю, не доработка это, или так было задумано. В режиме полета, когда мы выделяем объект (в частном случае, корабль) и вызываем меню взаимодействия (нажатием клавиши F). Мы не можем использовать быстрые клавиши для навигации. К примеру, я выделил корабль НПС, и хочу его просканировать, я нажимаю клавишу F (при этом я нахожусь в режиме полета с помощью мыши) и навожу на строку "Сканировать". В этот момент, мой корабль следует за мышью и я теряю из вида корабль НПС. Это доставляет неудобство. Если мне не изменяет память, в X3 была навигация по меню с помощью цифр от 1 до 0.


  6. Anonymous

    Wonderful job. I'm happy to see the speed at which patches are being deployed. 
    Please give more tools for adjusting behavior of autotrading pilots! 7 cr runs are a waste of time when things like hulls need to be supplied to shipyards en masse

  7. Anonymous

    When the map is open, i would like to be able to turn the ship. at the moment i cannot !

  8. Anonymous

    Auto transfer of funds from a station to player account, like x3 had! 

  9. Anonymous

    Remove the “ Press F1 Return to Standard View “ Message.

    Cockpit Instruments that work, or at least change from time to time!

    Option to turn trade alert sound off.

    Ability to change ship direction when in Map mode.

    Faction’s different colours, in map! (not all blue)

    Top/Bottom Mounted defense module.

    Move ship Speed/Shield indicator lower on screen (It’s intrusive)

    Have player Logo on our stations.

    Ship painting workshop, like in Forza Horizon 4 car game.

    An office in our station with working screens showing station performance Stats.

    Seat and desk facing outward with a station view!

    Faint module grid in station build mode, so we can see what will fit inside our new plot! Turn on/off.

  10. Anonymous

    After the update to 1.5,  my joystick stopped working. I have the Thrustmaster 1600. Also my mouse after I start a  game keeps pulling to the right. 

  11. Anonymous

    I loved the stock market in the other games.

  12. Anonymous

    Is there a list of  where products are  bought and sold?

  13. Anonymous

    bring x4 to apple m1

  14. Anonymous

    • preview range when setting up resource probes and satellites
    • faster saving/loading
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