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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Governing Faction:  Free Families

Map Coordinates: 8,4

Also Known As: Fires of Victory ('Spear of the Patriarch' start only)

Encyclopedia Entry

This system has always represented a passage to the Split empire, due to it being the access point to various important families. Ever since the time of Emperor Thuruk's reign, generations of Split have spilled blood in attempts to gain or hold control over the system. Most recently, it has become the main theatre in the conflict between Patriarch Zyarth and the Free Families. When the Gates reconnected, the Free Families turned this system into its first line of defence against Zyarth. Patriarch Zyarth, however, is pushing into that space, and recently won a historic battle, delivering a crippling blow to the Free Families.

Resource values


Notable Stations


Inter-System Connections


This sector is prone to experience sizeable Xenon incursions from time to time which can be quite isolating for the Free Families.

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