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Governing Faction: Lawless, often seized by the Antigone Republic or Terran Protectorate

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Encyclopedia Entry

Before the shutdown of the Jump Gates, Getsu Fune was widely regarded as the crown jewel of the Community of Planets' newfound cooperation. This naively romantic assessment disregards the history of unease that followed the system's discovery by a legendary adventurer. Her sudden fame bestowed upon the system an unexpected and unprecedented surge in intergalactic attention. The prospect of inadvertently falling behind eventually pressured all major factions to ignore the threats lurking in this remote area of the network and construct large stations to stake their own claims. The fortunate beneficiaries of this peculiar arrangement were the many explorers that followed the spirit of the system's original discovery, and who now had a straightforward way to outfit their ships with state-of-the-art equipment and software from all major factions. During a period of interim administration, in which the Argon company TerraCorp set out to improve the system's infrastructure with new accelerator technology, Getsu Fune was hit by the repercussions of the collapsing Gate network, and all contact was subsequently lost.

After the Jump Gate realignment, the system was once again found to be barren and initially provided a bleak outlook on the current chances of peaceful coexistence. However, recent analysis of the many drifting station wrecks has produced matching signs of a meticulous deconstruction of the key structures, which might well point towards a joint effort between the system's many diverse inhabitants. The purpose of this undertaking, which likely took place shortly after the shutdown, and the whereabouts of the settlers, are yet to be determined.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations


  • Scattered station wrecks

Inter-System Connections


The planet Shiokaze in the system is able to be terraformed for the Antigone Republic. More information is available on the Terraforming page.


A meeting point for 3 factions (CoH) Getsu Fune can be incredibly contested and can be made even more so with the covert operations plot. The system is also a major source of Ice for the Terran Protectorate can be used to get into the food production market.


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