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Short Name: PAR

Moniker(s): Paranid Empire (formerly), The False Godrealm (By the Holy Order)

Race Description

The physically imposing Paranid are often regarded as arrogant by several races which usually stems from their exceptional mathematic skills and religious fervour. Allied with the Split and distrusting of the Argon, the Paranid have been in several conflicts where they use their technological prowess and multilevel thinking to gain tactical advantages.


The Godrealm of the Paranid is a theocratic feudal society worshipping the concept of the three-dimensionality. They refer to their ancient holy texts to justify their archaic power structure and pervasive authority. Although this Godrealm has been cut off from Paranid Prime, they understand themselves to be the true purveyors of the Paranid faith. After the Gates realigned, their strict interpretation of this faith resulted in tensions with the Holy Order of the Pontifex, and eventually, a civil war broke out. Still, the Godrealm maintains that the ultimate goal is not to exterminate the Paranids fighting for Holy Order, but to welcome them back into the fold.


  • Godrealm of the Paranid vs Holy Order of the Pontifex War Guild



Illegal Goods

Illegal Items

  • AGI heuristic core
  • AGI neural network
  • AGI processor
  • Decryption module
  • Delirium
  • Hallucinogens
  • Security bypass system
  • Security decryption system
  • Security slicer
  • Spacefly caviar
  • Spacefly eggs
  • Unstable crystal

Illegal Wares

  • Majadust
  • Spaceweed


The Godrealm of the Paranid control the Paranid sectors located at the bottom right of the map. They share borders with their opponent the Holy Order and the Teladi Company. With the addition of the Split Vendetta DLC the Godrealm gains a minor outpost in the top left of the map, sandwiched between the encroaching Xenon and the Zyarth Patriarchy.


The Godrealm fields the vanguard variants of paranid ships which are faster but have a weaker hull than their sentinel counterparts. Additionally, there are no ship models unique to the Godrealm, the Holy Order can produce all of the Godrealm's ships just in the sentinel variant.


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