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Governing Faction: Teladi Company

Map Coordinates: 0,0

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

Shortly before the Jump Gate shutdown, when Gates would sporadically swap between active and inactive, in some systems on a daily bases, scientists across all races began to notice a worrying number of warp anomalies across all of Grand Exchange. Before they could be properly investigated, however, the Jump Gates to the system shut down completely.

When the Gates reopened, scientists were quick to notice anomalies reappearing, though none as intense or frequent as previously. Though many resources have been dedicated to solving the mystery, none have yet been able to work out what is causing the anomalies.

Notable Stations

  • Player Headquarters (GE1)
  • Teladi Trading Station (GE3)



Grand exchange is a thriving Teladi centre with great opportunities for trade and industry within all of its sectors.

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