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Governing Faction: Teladi Company

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Encyclopedia Entry

This sector is notable for the fact that before the Jump Gate network went down, experts observed an unusually high number of active warp anomalies in the area. The high frequency of such occurrences could indicate an inherent instability in this region of space that might prove dangerous someday. If, however, science could learn to harness this cosmic volatility, the practical applications of this phenomenon would be sure to change space travel significantly. For this reason, the sector remains a point of interest to scientists, and experiments are occasionally conducted, even though the intensity and frequency of anomalies seems to have decreased significantly over time.

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Resource Layout

Notable Stations


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Grand Exchange I is an ideal sector for the player to establish a base of operations. Its central position within the highway ring places it within station trading range of most key stations in the universe. Furthermore, its isolation from Xenon sectors and inability to spawn Kha'ak hives make it a safe and secluded region of the network. Finally, it and its neighbours are home to sizeable resource regions making it suitable for the construction of refineries.

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