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Governing Faction: Teladi Company

Map Coordinates:

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

Hewa’s Twin may be the most widely, if not most thoroughly, explored system in Teladi territory, but has been somewhat crippled economically by its Jump Gate connection to Trinity Sanctum, separating it and Company Regard from the rest of Teladi space.

The Paranids' differing views on what is legal and illegal sometimes makes it difficult for the Teladi Company to ferry supplies to citizens on both sides of the blockade. This however represents an interesting opportunity for smugglers, which the Scale Plate Pact pirates, who hide their headquarters somewhere in this system, have all too happily jumped on.

Notable Stations

  • Teladi Trading Station (HT1)
  • Scale Plate Pact Pirate base (HT4)



Hewa's Twin is by far the largest non-DLC system with a massive 5 constituent sectors, 2 of which are populated with resource regions. The System also houses one of the Teladi Company's immense habitat-class trading stations in addition to the Scale Plate Pact's

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