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Short Name: HOP

Moniker(s): The Heretical Order (By the GOP)

Race Description

The physically imposing Paranid are often regarded as arrogant by several races which usually stems from their exceptional mathematic skills and religious fervour. Allied with the Split and distrusting of the Argon, the Paranid have been in several conflicts where they use their technological prowess and multilevel thinking to gain tactical advantages.

Faction Description

The Holy Order of the Pontifex established itself as an authority of Paranid religious affairs and took control of systems during the tumultuous times of the Gate Shutdown. Their Pontifex is shrouded in mystery and defends this radical new interpretation of the Paranid faith with a zealous frenzy. The Holy Order is steadfast in their beliefs, which puts them at odds with the Godrealm of the Paranid. They do not wish to eradicate the Godrealm, but to convert them to their beliefs. Their fanatic attitude is less accommodating towards non-Paranid heretics.


  • Holy Order of the Pontifex vs Godrealm of the Paranid War Guild
  • Holy Order of the Pontifex vs Argon Federation War Guild



Illegal Goods

Illegal Items

  • AGI heuristic core
  • AGI neural network
  • AGI processor
  • Decryption module
  • Delirium
  • Hallucinogens
  • Security bypass system
  • Security decryption system
  • Security slicer
  • Spacefly caviar
  • Spacefly eggs
  • Unstable crystal

Illegal Wares

  • Majadust
  • Spaceweed


The Holy Order controls a contiguous clump of 5 sectors at the bottom of the map. The Order borders the Antigone Republic, Xenon and Godrealm of the Paranid and is at war with all of them.


The Order fields the sentinel variant of Paranid ships which are slower and tougher than their Godrealm counterparts. Much like the Antigone Republic and the Ministry of Finance the Holy Order will not construct carriers for its fleets despite being capable of building them at their shipyard and selling them to the player. Finally, the Order produces the Ares heavy fighter which is based upon the Perseus class fighter.


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