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Governing Faction: Teladi Company

Map Coordinates:

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

The once long-lost home system of the Teladi,  once again faces a key moment in its history, acting after the Jump Gate shutdown as the buffer between Teladi space and the Xenon.

Though there is less activity from Matrix #451 than other Xenon-occupied territories in the Jump Gate network, memories of the conflict in Scale Plate Green and PTNI Headquarters are still fresh in many Teladi minds, and they are determined to defend their home from the wrath of the machines. As such, it is heavily defended by both defence stations and a contingent of the Teladi fleet.

Notable Stations

  • Teladi Trading Station (Faction Headquarters) (IZ4)


  • Lone bi-directional local highway (IZ4)


Proximity to the Xenon makes the Ianamus Zura system incredibly vulnerable to Xenon incursions. With the addition of the Split Vendetta DLC the Xenon in Matrix #451 and #9 are split between Ianamus Zura and the Free Families which mitigates the intensity of the incursions and makes Ianamus Zura more stable.

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