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Governing Faction: Teladi Company

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The Teladi homeworld of Ianamus Zura was long lost to the spacefaring Teladi people. As a result, a few cultural and economic aberrations can be observed between the two groups. Whereas the entirety of the spacefaring Teladi population is female, Ianamus Zura is notable for being home to both male and female Teladi. The presence of Teladi males results in a stronger, more supportive family network. This allows for more individual downtime. That time is spent, more often than not, in the pursuit of arts and philosophy, which their spacefaring cousins have very little patience for. The Ianamus Zura governing system is more akin to a parliamentary democracy than the Teladi Company's corporate structure.

Since Ianamus Zura's connection to the rest of the universe was severed for a long time, the Gate shutdown did not affect its inhabitants as severely. In fact, the planet thrived in isolation. When it was reconnected again, these Teladi found themselves in close proximity to Xenon. They were not well-equipped to deal with such an imminent threat, but with assistance from the Ministry of Finance they were eventually able to adapt to the new reality, after some initial struggles.

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Ianamus Zura VII lies on the main Teladi-Free Families trade route and is far less defended than Ianamus Zura IV making for fairly easy pickings for players looking to set themselves up as pirates.

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