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Updated for version 4.10

Default Profiles

There are several profiles included for joysticks. To load a default profile, go to Settings->Controls->Load Profile.

Included profiles at this time are:

  • Controller (based on Xbox360 Controller)
  • Saitek X52 Pro
  • Thrustmaster T16000m FCS HOTAS
  • Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

Before loading a default profile, make sure you back up any existing profile using the option Settings->Controls->Save Profile. These profiles will then be listed in the Custom section of the load profile menu.

Important: You need  make sure your devices are listed in the right order under Settings->Controls->Manage Controllers/Joysticks. If not, the default profile might not work correctly. If you want to use i.e. a Hotas Warthog, the order below will NOT work, due to the fact the XBOX 360 controller is listed at the top.

Instead, the order must as shown below.

Setting up your own profile

Most options related to Joystick/Controller input can be found in this section of the Controls menu:

To set up your own profile, start by checking whether your device(s) are listed in the menu accessed via Settings->Controls->Manage Controllers/Joysticks.

In this menu you can assign input devices to slots, check the current device number, or disable devices. Multiple Input devices will be indicated by a small icon with a number next to it.


Settings->Controls->Invert Axes This option allows you to invert the axes of many axis-controlled inputs such as steering, throttle, strafe, first person controls, etc

Settings->Controls->Joystick Deadzone This controls the size of the area in the centre of the axes for which no reaction to input is given.

Settings->Controls->Bidirectional Throttle Some devices have the throttle axis in the centre. If your throttle has its zero acceleration position in the centre and you want to change it, set this option to "off".

Settings->Controls->Gamepad Mode This option changes several interface behaviours related to automatic targeting and mouse usage while using a controller/joystick, etc.

Settings->Controls->Adaptive Steering If this option is enabled, your input will change automatically to the primary steering axes of your ship. For example, if roll is faster on the current ship, it will be mapped to the horizontal axis; if yaw is faster then that will be mapped to the horizontal axis. For full manual control over your ships' steering axes, disable this option.

Button/Axis configuration

To map individual functions to your device, go to one of the following sections:

  • General 
  • Platform Movement
  • Menu Navigation

In each sub-menu, you will find individual functions that can be mapped in various sub-sections. each functional area can be mapped to two different keys/buttons/axes.

A small symbol next to the mapped input will tell you which device it is on, or whether it is mapped to mouse or keyboard.

In Settings->Controls->General you can map the basic flight operations for your ship. Be aware that many steering-related inputs can be mapped in either the Steering: Analog or the Steering: Digital section. On any device using an axis for steering, make sure that you map them in the Steering: Analog section in order to be able to use fine control.

Using the available options, you can also set up mixed steering where you can control your ship via joystick in some situations while still using mouse/keyboard input in others.

Remember to save your profile after editing it!



  1. Anonymous

    is a  player able to use tobi tracking using a laptop Alienware 17 r4 for the games of  x4 or x3

  2. Anonymous

    Und wie ist es wenn ich nur mit der maus spiele


  3. these kind of questions are best asked on our forums here:

  4. Anonymous

    Is it possible to load a setup from X Rebirth  in X4 ? I had a special setup in X Rebirth that took me time to set, and would like to use the same in X4

    1. You are not logged in. Any changes you make will be marked as anonymous.
  5. Anonymous

    Can anyone share a file of the thrustmaster 16000m  FCS Hotas (Joystick and throttle) with all the keys mapped, I am quite useless at doing the mapping. Your help would be appreciated


  6. Anonymous

    I guess the number of buttons on the joystick supported is up to 32 or so. That's a pity, for I have a 46-buttons monser, and not using some of its features is kinda waste...

    1. Yes, the engine supports a max of 32 buttons per joystick atm. We'll see if this limit can be increased in a future version.

  7. Anonymous

    I cant find a good description for keyboard layout, where ever Button and combine Button are explained. Has anyboody a tip.

  8. Anonymous

    Can button combos be selected.  Like hold b and hit left on D Pad to do something?  Also can you do things like click the right stick to toggle between strafe and roll?