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Short Name: KHK


Race Description

Thought to have been wiped out during Operation Final Fury, very little is known about the Kha'ak other than they seem to be an insectile hive race hell-bent on the destruction of all those that share the Jump Gate network. As a hive race, it is suspected that individual intelligence gives way to a communal or caste mentality, but very little research into the species was completed before Operation Final Fury took place.

Faction Description

The Kha'ak infesting the local Jump Gate network are a loose collection of hives that do not currently seem to operate under any sort of central authority. While most of their swarms were eradicated in the aftermath of Operation Final Fury, these hives were fortunate enough to be cut off from the Community of Planets during the Jump Gate shutdown. Some of them were able to slowly grow and prosper in relative peace and quiet, but others were forced to transform most of their sparse populace into warriors who engaged in a decades-long struggle to defend their homes against the similarly stranded Xenon matrices. Since the realignment, Kha'ak can be frequently observed travelling the network, brazenly using the Highway installations, presumably in an attempt to reestablish a connection between their scattered hives.

Because their communication signals remain unintelligible, little can be established about the goals of the Kha'ak as a whole. However, it is universally agreed upon that the Kha'ak do, in fact, originate from beyond our galaxy and were drawn towards the network by Argon experiments with Jump Drive technology, probably coinciding with  an irrevocable deterioration of the Kha'ak homeworld. It stands to reason that they are currently primarily focused on survival in an environment that largely considers them to be an unthinking scourge; a supposition that the actions of the Kha'ak are yet to fundamentally contradict.






Spoilers ahead

This page contains spoilers about the contents of sectors. If you want a spoiler-free introduction take a look at the The X-Universe And Map page

The Kha'ak do not have ownership of any sectors, however, they do maintain destructible "Kha'ak installations" in the most remote areas of the galaxy. There are two types of Kha'ak installations, the larger "hives" which have between 6 and 8 small defence platforms around them and the smaller "outposts" which do not have any defence platforms. Both of these station types will spawn kha'ak ships which will prey on nividium, ore and silicon miners in adjacent sectors up to three jumpgates/accelerators away. Initially, when the game universe is created, the Kha'ak do not have any outposts, only hives in the following sectors:

After the game universe has been created the Kha'ak can spawn both hives and outposts. Hives can only be spawned in the following possible sectors:

Additionally, there may only be 6 hives in the universe at one time. Outposts are less limited than hives in terms of their distribution although they must be within 3 sectors of a hive and may spawn in any sector where nividium, ore or silicon mining occurs and have a greater likelihood to spawn in areas where resources are more abundant, resources are being mined at a greater rate and areas where there is a greater distribution of nividium. When a hive or outpost is destroyed by the player there is a delay before it can be respawned again in that sector, for hives this delay is 96 hours and for outposts it is 48 hours (if the hive or outpost is not destroyed by the player it can spawn in as little as 20 minutes). Additional information on Kha'ak behaviour is available in this forum topic.


The Kha'ak operate a variety of purple tetrahedral fighters with purple beam weapons. These fighters can hold their own against most fighters and scouts but are no match for M/L/XL ships. Furthermore, they are effective against S and M class miners in swarms, care should be taken to protect miners and destroy the nearby installation causing the fighters to spawn. Additionally, like Xenon ships Kha'ak ships cannot be captured.


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