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Governing Faction: Holy Order of the Pontifex

Map Coordinates:

Encyclopedia Entry

Once situated on the uncharted outskirts of the New Duchy sectors, Lasting Vengeance became known as a safe haven for smugglers, marauders and other entrepreneurial types who wished to do business in Paranid and Split territory. Behind the various pirate leaders was a guiding hand, the self-proclaimed Pirate Duke who, faced with the sudden collapse of all outside communication, harnessed the indomitable spirit of his followers and led them towards colonisation. As the years passed by after the shutdown, the once-warlike Buccaneers became content with their new purpose, while Lasting Vengeance similarly flourished in an era of relative peace and prosperity. Few remember when the dreaded armaments of Duke's Haven and its fleet fell silent for the last time.

What happened to the pirate operation in the years that followed remains unknown. It is said that when the Holy Order prospectors traversed the sector's Gate on the day of its realignment, desperate for new resources for their starving empire, all they encountered was a sea of ruin.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations

  • Potential for a Kha'ak hive to spawn (though not initially at gamestart)


  • Data Vault
  • Duke's Haven (Wreck)

Inter-System Connections


By far the most isolated Holy Order system this system is fairly safe except when a Kha'ak hive and its defense platforms is spawned.

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