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High Seas Ahead! The following section contains information relating to content from the Tides of Avarice DLC

Plot Spoilers

 The entire page contains major plot spoilers for a significant Tides of Avarice Plot

Governing Faction: None

Map Coordinates: 0,-1

Encyclopedia Entry

No information available

Log. #412. 807NT / 2977EY

This is Dr. Doran Viv reporting from research station Hadad.It has been seven years since the cataclysmic initial event reshaped the Avarice system. Although I previously reported that progress on the matter of the Tide phenomenon has been so slow as to be essentially imperceptible, I now believe that we have achieved a breakthrough. As established in preceding logs, we suspect that whatever instigated the Tide phenomenon also weakened the surrounding fabric of space-time. Whether that cataclysmic event, and the appearance of these anomalies, is in some way linked to the ongoing Jump Gate shutdown, has not yet become clear. What is evident, though, is that not all of the anomalies have the same properties. At first glance they all appear to be unstable, and their destinations seem completely unpredictable when an anomaly is traversed. Our big breakthrough was realising that the energy released by the Tide can interact with a specific anomaly to temporarily stabilise it, which fixes the destination to reliably travel between the same two systems. This in itself is already an invaluable insight, as it suggests that, provided you apply enough energy, the properties of an anomaly can change. Unfortunately, our technology is nowhere near capable enough yet. What we found on the other side of the anomaly is so much more immediately significant: a completely unconnected system, devoid of life!

In a fit of unexpected whimsy, I could not help but name said system "Leap of Faith".

Astonishingly, this solitary system houses an abandoned artificial structure. We were able to extract a condensate from it which reacts violently when exposed to the Tide's advancing energy. We believe that with some further research we could utilise this material to create some shielding which would protect against the most destructive effects of the Tide. While we don't yet know the nature of said alien structure, or how the stable anomaly works exactly, these findings undoubtedly have the potential to change life in this system for the better. The impact of the last Tide must have destroyed some communication equipment on the station. I am having trouble establishing contact, but repairs are currently underway.

I cannot wait to share this discovery with the wider scientific community.

Resource values


Sector Layout


  • Eye of the Beholder (Sohnen installation)

Inter-System Connections


While access to Leap of Faith is constrained by the regularity of the Tide, it is easy to leave leap of faith through an anomaly that is permanently directed at Avarice V so there is no hassle with trying to synchronise leaving with the Tide.

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