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Continue Game

  • Loads the latest save to continue playing from where the player left off

New Game

  • Start a new playthrough by choosing from one of many possible starting scenarios
  • Additional starting scenarios are unlocked by completing certain milestones in a previous playthrough

Load Game

  • Opens a menu to load the selected save file. Useful for alternating between different playthroughs

Online Features

  • TBC


  • Official and third party extensions and modifications to the game. Official Egosoft DLC content will be listed under Extensions after purchase. Third party items are written by other players; these may or may not be updated as new game versions are released and may or may not affect save games in a negative way. Use at your own risk! These third party modifications are always free are usually distributed via the Steam Workshop or Nexus Mods site. Discussion on these mods is traditionally done via the Steam Workshop comments and the official Egosoft forums.

Bonus Content

  • TBC


Graphics Settings

  • Optimise the visual quality of the game for your hardware

Sound Settings

  • Adjust the ratio of dialog, music and sound effect volumes for the ideal gaming experience

Game Settings

  • Allows the toggling of automatic game features like autosaving, auto roll, collision avoidance, aim assist and others.


  • Configure the game controls for your input devices so that they are the most convenient

Privacy Settings

  • Toggles how much information (if any) is sent to the Egosoft development team if the game crashes on your computer. Information gathered is used to try and prevent such crashes occurring in future patches. (???could someone confirm this is correct)


  • View all the people involved in the making of X4: Foundations

Exit To Desktop

  • Quits the game


  1. Anonymous

    As of a couple of days ago (today being Dec 17, 2018), X3 crashes 2 to 20 minutes after starting a game.  It stops without any indication, no default error screen is presented, does not close the game. Does this every time.  Everything ran fine until about the 15th of Dec.

    Using an iMac, v10.14.2, 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB memory (approx 12GB available for the game), NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 1024MB.

    No changes or additions to any other software.

    1. Please report this on the Egosoft forum where Developers have a much better chance of seeing it.

      This post explains the additional info Devs would like, including a crash dump. Thanks.

    2. Sure you mean X3 and not X4?

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