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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Governing Faction: Xenon

Map Coordinates: -1,7

Former Name(s): Xenon Sector 598 (X3)

Encyclopedia Entry

The Xenon presence in this system has long been the source of conflict within Split society. Opinions on how to deal with them differ widely between Patriarchs. Some welcome the challenge of battling such a viciously dangerous foe; others are frustrated at the fact that it seems impossible to win the war and eradicate the self-replicating machines in their entirety. They hold the belief that there is no honour in killing a thing without consciousness. Patriarch Zyarth recognises the Xenon in this system as a tool to put pressure on other Patriarchs and secure their obedience. Additionally, his vast experience in engaging the Xenon proved helpful to him when the time came to subjugate his rival Patriarchs in combat.

Resource values


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Notable Stations


Inter-System Connections


This system is the ultimate thorn in the side of Zyarth as it is capable of sustaining an immense Xenon war-machine in only a small area of space. If Zyarth's Dominion or Family Kritt is overtaken by the Xenon it will be a direct result of this system.

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