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Governing Faction: Xenon

Map Coordinates: -3,4

Encyclopedia Entry

Matrix #79B has been the cause of much bewilderment among the post-realignment Community, and to Alliance of the Word scholars especially. As far as the cartographers can tell, it was never encountered before the Gates reconnected. It does not appear in any official documentation or corporate travel logs. Yet, when the network stabilised and the Argon Federation sent out scouts to survey the adjacent systems for activity, not only did they find a heavy Xenon presence, but also the remnants of vast structures stretching throughout the system. Surprisingly, these networks do not seem to be of Xenon origin and raises the question of what exactly happened in this system.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations


  • Aqueducts
  • Debris field
  • Toride asteroids

Inter-System Connections


The core of the 3 system 5 sector cluster of Xenon sectors this system houses significant Xenon production facilities but is entirely dependent on its neighbours for the Ore and Silicon that Xenon stations require. As with the other Xenon sectors the Toride asteroids cannot be used for regular or crystal mining.

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