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Governing Faction: Teladi Company

Map Coordinates: Various

Former Name(s): PTNI Headquarters

Consituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

Savaged by the same incursion that saw Scale Plate Green occupied by the Xenon,  was once an economic stronghold of the Teladi Company, even housing the headquarters of Nividium Mining and Manufacturing Corporation PTNI. Though Teladi and Argon forces, and even a small contingent of Split ships, desperately tried to hold both systems, PTNI Headquarters was eventually lost.

When the Jump Gates came back on line, Teladi Scouts from Eighteen Billion quickly recognised the signs of the conflict, and when they found no trace of Xenon activity within the system, immediately set about on a recolonization effort.

Notable Stations



Memory of Profit is a far more laid-back and open system than its industrious neighbours but is well positioned for the player to access the Highway Ring and Grand Exchange.

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