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Short Name: MIN

Moniker(s): The Ministry

Race Description

The lizard-like Teladi are one of the founding members of the Community of Planets and have a natural affinity towards business and the accumulation of profit. They enjoy favourable relations with other races although some find their drive for profit disconcerting. Their long lifespan gives them a unique view of the Jump Gate shutdown, as does their previous experience being cut off from their home system of Ianamus Zura.

Faction Description

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for protecting Teladi business interests. The Teladi race is quite cautious by nature. To turn a Teladi pilot into an efficient Ministry of Finance fighter, their natural instinct to avoid conflict has to be overcome in an arduous, and sometimes brutal, training regime.

While their main purpose used to be to support the Teladi Company's expansionist efforts and keep internal corruption at bay, their attention has more recently shifted towards protecting the Teladi from external threats. The resurgence of Xenon activity at the borders of Teladi space keeps a large part of their forces occupied. Those who are not busy fighting off the Xenon, patrol Teladi territory for pirate activity. Scale Plate pirates may be tolerated as a minor nuisance by most in the Teladi Company, and may even be tentatively looked toward as business partners by the more unscrupulous elements within the Company, but the Ministry of Finance has no tolerance at all for their lawlessness.




Illegal Goods

Illegal Items

  • AGI heuristic core
  • AGI neural network
  • AGI processor
  • Decryption module
  • Delirium
  • Hallucinogens
  • Security bypass system
  • Security decryption system
  • Security slicer
  • Spacefly caviar
  • Spacefly eggs
  • Unstable crystal

Illegal Wares

  • Spaceweed


The Ministry of Finance as the police faction of the Teladi Company does not start with or attempt to control sectors. They do maintain police and military fleets in many Teladi Company sectors as fitting for a police faction. To sustain their fleets the Ministry of Finance maintains an equipment dock in Profit Centre Alpha that also serves to house their faction representative. In addition, the Ministry has a Shipyard and a Wharf in Eighteen Billion to produce their police and military vessels.


The Ministry of Finance wharf and shipyard manufacture sentinel variants (slower but higher hull strength) of Teladi vessels as well as the armoured cormorant class M trader which can deliver the cargobay of a trader with the offensive and defensive ability of a light gunship. The Ships page has more specific data on all ships


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