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Missiles types

  • Dumbfire missiles fired by Dumbfire Launchers (they just fly forward)
  • Tracking missiles fired by Tracking Launchers (they home in on targets)
  • Torpedoes, which also track, but are only fired by Torpedo Launchers

General notes

  • All launchers can fire both Light and Heavy versions of missiles

  • Flares (a ship Consumable) work against all guided missiles and torpedoes except smart missiles.
  • Only Tracking launchers can fire EMP missiles (they fly very fast and deactivate travel drives)
  • We can pick what missiles are used by forward-mounted launchers (those shot from cockpits)
  • Every missile has 3 different AOE effects(light,medium,heavy) on impact with cluster missiles having a special AOE effect
  • Every missile has a countermeasure resilience(CMR) against flares in the range of "0"(flares will always disarm missiles) to "1"(flares will never disarm missiles). The propability of flare interception is propably not completely proportional to CMR!(needs testing)
  • All dumbfire missiles are flare-proof(CMR = 1)
  • Every guided missile needs to lock onto an enemy within a specific range to be guided.

Missile Turret notes

  • We cannot pick what missiles are fired by turrets
  • We can set each turret to Armed/Disarmed states individually
  • We can give each turret one of the following settings individually:
    • Defend
    • Attack All Enemies
    • Attack Capital Ships (also attacked stations)
    • Attack Fighters
    • Mining
    • Missile Defence
    • Attack My Current Target



The following statistics were taken from in-game Encyclopedia of version 4.10.

Dumbfire Missiles (turret ammo)

TypeNameMkHull (MJ)Damage (MJ)Range² (km)Effective Range (km)Max Speed (m/s)Reload Time (s)Life Time (s)Damage Per Second
HeavyScatter1Mk1204,8003.546(real: ~13.7)918415


1. Missile manufactured at Split stations, only. Fires in salvos of 12 missiles in a cone spreading(shotgun like) unlike swarm missiles that try to stay together. Ingame scatter missiles physically accelerate like guided missiles, meaning they don't accelerate over time and keep traveling at max.speed.

2. Firing range of AI pilots. Similar to "Lock Range" of tracking missiles but only relevant for the AI. Players are not limited.

Tracking Missiles (turret and forward launcher ammo) and Torpedoes (forward launcher ammo)

TypeNameMkSpecial effectHull (MJ)Damage (MJ)Lock on Time(s)Lock Range (km)Effective Range (km)Max Speed (m/s)

Turning Rate (o/s)

Pitch Rate (o/s)Vertical (m/s)Horizontal (m/s)Reload Time (s)Life Time (s)Damage Per Second
EMPEMPMk1Travel and Boost Drive stopped for 30s1022057858,00010109922.510-
EMPInterceptor1 Mk1Travel and Boost Drive stopped for 30s/Fires Salvos of 51500229.51384,63022221010230250

Travel and Boost Drive stopped for 30s/Slows down movement of the target for a duration

LightHeatseekerMk1No Lock On1698-51099822221212210349
LightSmartMk1Can retarget/Flare-proof1657-47.8782212199210328.5
LightSwarmMk1Can retarget/Fires in salvos of 811,072-48.382610101313410268
LightTorpedo2Mk1High damage84,791-35.010011--1050479.1
HeavyHeatseekerMk1No Lock On23,592-79.42173322643.2598.67
HeavySmartMk1Can retarget/Flare-proof33,378-5.57.41702222643.2563
HeavySwarmMk1Can retarget/Fires in salvos of 835,520-5.57.818033331243.2460
HeavyTorpedo2Mk1High damage3817,246-912670.30.3--30180574.87

1. Missile manufactured at Split stations, only.
2. Torpedoes require Torpedo Launchers, which can only be mounted on the front of Small and Medium ships.


Tracking missiles can be categorised in a hierachy of dumbest to smartest. This influences the manufacturing ressources and therefore its cost. For example, guided missiles need smart chips while dumbfire ones do not etc..

Hierachy(dumbest/cheapest -> smartest/most expensive):

  1. Guided missiles(Needs to time to lock onto an enemy before it can be fired)
  2. Heatseeker missiles(No lock on time)
  3. Swarm missiles(No lock on time + Can retarget enemies after missing)
  4. Smart missiles(No lock on time + Can retarget enemies after missing + flare-proof)

Forward Missile Launchers (Small and Medium ships)

SizeNameMkMissile Storage Capacity Increase
SDumbfire or TrackingMk1-
SDumbfire or TrackingMk22
MDumbfire or TrackingMk1-
MDumbfire or TrackingMk24

Missile Turrets (Medium Turrets on Large ships and above; Large Turrets on Destroyers and Carriers)

SizeNameMkRace1Hull Hitpoints (MJ)Rotation Speed (o/s)Missile Storage Capacity Increase

1. Racial Missile Turret stat variations compared to the Argon stats above:

  • Paranid = +50% Hitpoints and -50% Rotation Speed
  • Split      =    -9% Hitpoints and -25% Rotation Speed
  • Teladi    = +50% Hitpoints and -50% Rotation Speed

Things to note about ingame stats and missile behaviour..

  • The damage for missiles fired in salvos is distributed between each missile. A single submissile of a light swarm mk1 missile does 134 MJ of damage. So all 8 missiles in the swarm together, do the portrayed 1,072 MJ of damage. Each sub-missile has its own hitboxe and stays alive, even after other sub-missiles in the swarm hit a target or get destroyed
  • Each missile has a life time. After the life time passes the missile disarms.
  • Lock On-missiles often have a distance tolerance of how far away the target can move while being locked on. The interceptor missile has a tolerance of up to 39 km for the lock on while the normal EMP missile needs the target to stay within 20 km of its lock on duration. The distance of tolerance is usually 0 m for light missiles and 500 m for heavy missiles.
  • "Effective Range" is the distance the missile travels during its life time. Guided missile travel with constant speed while dumbfire missiles accelerate.
  • The ingame stats for dumbfire missiles are highly deceptive. The max. speed shown for dumbfire missiles is the muzzle velocity for dumbfire missiles. Dumbfire missiles accelerate during flight until they reach their effective range(end of life time). The heavy cluster missile mk1 shows 36 m/s in the encyclopedia but it reaches ~200 m/s at the ends of its life time.(testing needed to determine the acceleration rate over time).
  • Missiles take up the inertia force of the firing ship, changing its muzzle velocity. Tracking missiles loose momentum and return to their max. speed after some time, while dumbfire missiles use their momentum until the end of its life, permanently increasing its velocity, seemingly without changing its acceleration rate.


  1. Anonymous

    "Hull Hitpoints" sounds like health - to be clear, that means damage to the hull yes?

    1. Anonymous

      No, that's the turret's own health. Damage would depend on missiles used.

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