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Updated for version 5.10


The X-universe is filled with people needing help in the form of missions. Missions can be accepted to earn reputation with the giving faction, along with credits and occasionally other rewards.

Available missions are listed in the Mission Offers tab on the map:

Accepted missions are listed in the Mission Manager tab on the map:

Guidance missions

These are player-determined and only apply to the playership. Objects such as ships, stations, gates and lockboxes may be selected as destinations via the HUD, radar or Map and guidance will show the way to them. It is also possible to set a position in empty space as a destination via the map.

Generic missions

'Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got!' Until, or even after, you've found your place in galactic society, "generic" missions let you swap effort for hard cash, or occasionally for other random looted goodies.

There are a multitude of them:

  • Assassination
  • Clearing military objects
  • Criminal termination
  • Delivering crew (Looking for Pilots, Deliver specialist to the front)
  • Deliver ship (Assemble Fleet)
  • Deploying objects (Static Defense Placement, Deploy Static Defense, Laser Tower Placement, Observations Required, Improve Satellite Coverage, Sensor gap needs plugging, Satellites Required in hostile Space, Imperative satellite placement, Behind Enemy Lines, Satellite Order)
  • Espionage
  • Item delivery (An Open Request)
  • Lost item recovery (Item Recovery)
  • Mining missions (Marketplace of Ideas, Seek Out High-Yield Resources, Source Local Regions)
  • Mining ship escort
  • Passenger transport
  • Repairing satellites
  • Rescuing trapped ships
  • Secret missions
  • Station construction (Build Military Base)
  • Supply station (Station Supply, Food Shortages, Gathering Material)
  • Theft recovery
  • Trading ship escort

There are multiple ways of finding and accepting these missions. When the player passes within radar range of stations, any generic missions offered by their population will be visible through icons on the HUD, radar and map, and will be listed in the Available Missions tab. Mission details are available from the "Open briefing" menu that is offered via the Available Missions tab or a right-click on the Map icon. The instant a mission is added to the Mission Offers tab and map, these icons also blink for a moment.

In contrast to most generic, publicly-available missions, some are secret and often illegal missions. The nefarious Individuals offering these missions do not post them openly: instead they try to contact potential pilots using disguised audio transmissions. Use the SCAN MODE (SHIFT + 2) near stations to find signal leaks that may offer secret missions: often the rewards for these types of missions are significantly higher than those of normal missions.. but of course the risk is higher too!

Upkeep Missions

The upkeep mission category holds small tasks related to player property. A ship that does not have a pilot, a station in urgent need of a manager and similar tasks to regain or improve functionality in the players empire. Completing these missions do not give rewards but help keep things running smoothly throughout your empire

Guild Missions

Faction missions are the highest and most important tier. A player must first gain a very good standing with a faction and be invited to the faction representative to get access.  During the visit to the faction representative (i.e. at level +10 reputation) an offer to join a faction mission may be given. The most prominent but also most dangerous such examples are the war effort missions: several large wars are happening in the universe and the player can join either side. 

After joining a War Effort Faction its path works as a subscription for many further missions. The player can choose which to pick from a list of offers. 

Playing Multiple Missions At Once

There is no limit as to how many missions can be accepted at the same time with the exception of guild missions where only one can be accepted per guild at one time. While there can only be one mission active, many more can be accepted. Failing or aborting missions usually has no consequence, however in some cases failing a mission may be punished, especially during faction missions or if the mission is time-critical.

Crystal Clusters

In the depths of space there are treasures to be found and collected. When traveling through asteroid fields the player may spot small glints of light coming from asteroids. These glints are reflected from asteroid-placed Crystal Clusters which can be specifically targeted and shot at until they release their contents (if you shoot the asteroid itself it's unlikely to release the valuable crystals). The sale value of collected crystals can range from 1,000-250,000 credits each depending on their type, and also provide crafting materials.


Use of the long range scanner or flying in the right place at the right time may reveal Lockboxes floating in space. Lockboxes require the player to accurately shoot between 1-16 glowing red locks off the spinning box to open without dealing enough damage to destroy the box along with the contents. Lockboxes usually drop items for the player inventory, with the number of dropped wares being proportional to the number of locks. It's recommended to use a low power weapon to do this, as some boxes can be very dangerous if destroyed at close range

Tips: The Lockboxes can spin quite fast sometimes. By carefully nudging the Lockbox with a ship the rotation speed of the Lockbox can decrease, making it easier to aim correctly at the locks: the locks don't appear to (currently) react to collision damage: only the entire structure is affected, if at all

Data Vaults

Occasionally the player will encounter large satellite shaped Data Vaults floating in space. These puzzles require the player to use a combination of techniques to open, including damage, repair and scanning. In order to open these all pressure valves & power relays on the outside must be repaired (red illuminated displays). To to this you'll have to approach the display in a space suit, then use its repair laser to repair the displays at a target distance of 25 meters or less


  1. Anonymous

    Can lockboxes spawn or are they all set at the start of the game?


    1. Anonymous

      lock boxes randomly spawn in the universe, I've scanned a sector and had the boxes marked and saved the game and quit. Came back and the same lock boxes that were indicated on the map were no longer there.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks, that adds a bit of randomness then.

    2. Lock boxes spawn when a region of space in a sector is updated to high attention. They only appear when within 50km and despawn when the sector is left by the player. Probability of lock boxes is based on asteroid fields, NPC dock presence, Xenon sector ownership and hazard regions. This means plain old asteroid fields have a very low chance, sectors with a Wharf, Shipyard, Trading Station or Equipment dock are better, Xenon owned sectors have a high chance, hazard regions have a really high chance and sectors with a combination of those factors have an even higher chance. In general the Xenon sectors with the mine field (Matrix #798) and the electromagnetic storm have the highest odds.

  2. Anonymous

    Crystal clusters blink pattern determine the type crystal. I am not sure which is what, except for purple. Something like:

    ._._. = purple

    .._.._.. = ?

    1. The blink pattern purely has to do with the direction of the sun in the sector and the rate of rotation of the asteroid the cluster is on. For max blinking have the sun behind the player ship.

      1. Anonymous

        Also, best place ffor Crystal Hunting is Argon Prime of all places, follow the path of asteroids, I found a ton of mid-price, rare crystals there and small asteroids so they sparkle more frequently making them easier to spot.

        Great for making money early game.

    2. Anonymous

      I will have to get back to you on exact figures (and spelling)

      Bandannite = Purple.. Value: 1000 -1500 Cr Each (The Most Common)

      Menalanite = Blue.. Value: 10,000 - 14,000 Cr Each (Common)

      Alianite (Spelling(question)) = Yellow.. Value: 15,000 - 18,000 Cr Each (Common)

      ??? = Orange.. Value: Possible 24,000 - 30,000 Cr Each (Hard to Find)

      Burnite = Black.. Value: 264,000 Cr Each? (So bagging 5 per Cluster gets you over 1 million credits) (Hardest to Find)

    3. Anonymous

      Bandannite >> Purple >> 953 Cr >> Most Common

      Menelaene >> Blue >> 9886 Cr >> Common

      Aguilite >> Yellow >> 22,217 Cr >> Common

      Mitonene >> Orange >> 25,016 Cr >> Hard

      Burnite >> Grey >> 222,556 Cr >> Rare

      1. Faulty Logic VII is the best spot to get orange crystals.

        Also correct spelling and prices are listed here: Wares

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for making this wiki!

    1. Thanks for the feedback :)

  4. Anonymous

    How do I find a specific ship in a universe without a mission marker and meanwhile can varify that it didn't got destroyed?


    91,230 Cr isn't much of a reward when you have to map out the whole universe with satellites to find a single specific ship by using the Map filter. Can't someone integrate Infobroker into the game to get the last known location?

    1. Anonymous

      Are you referring to a war effort mission? If that is the one about scientists, I read that the ship was supposed to be in an adjacent Xenon sector, but I have claimed that whole sector and never saw any ships there to board. They really need to spawn a specific ship with a certain name and give player a heads up in the mission details - Find "Lazy Science Ship" In Xenon sector Tharka's Pimple... If they don't give us a pointer to it, they obviously have to make that ship marker on the map be different from the other blue ship markers. Based on the mission details, it is also supposed to be engaged in a battle with a few Xenon ships, because Argon feds are afraid that this ship will fall into the hands of Xenon AI. They also have to mention that the player will have to scout the sector in order to find the ship...

  5. Anonymous

  6. Anonymous

  7. Anonymous

    Do crystals respawn, and if, when?

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