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Plot Spoilers

This page contains major plot spoilers for the Paranid Civil War Plot.

Governing Faction: Lawless/Duke's Tempest (As Duke's Awakening IV)

Map Coordinates:

Encyclopedia Entry

As Nopileos Fortune IV

Despite its easily accessible location and large amounts of passing traffic, this gateway sector has rarely turned heads. An exception came when Teladi prospectors, seeking to expand the thriving mining business in Grand Exchange discovered bountiful asteroid fields in the far distance, and subsequently began to campaign for the installation of a Superhighway to reach these promising areas deeper within the system. Apart from this interlude, the sector always seemed to lie dormant, just waiting for ambitious entrepreneurs or military masterminds to establish themselves in the almost depressingly empty and barren, yet calm and inviting vastness of its space.

As Duke's Awakening IV

(addendum to original entry) As of late, any such newcomers would have to make arrangements with the Pirate Duke Reborn and his faithful band of insurgents, who have selected this location as an ideal base of operations for their invasions into Paranid territory.

Resource values


Notable Stations

As Duke's Awakening IV

  • Duke's Haven Shipyard (S/M/L/XL)


Inter-Sector Connections

Inter-System Connections


Nopileos Fortune IV has limited material value compared with its more resource laden neighbour but this hides its value as a major un-governed trade route. Paranid, Teladi, Argon and even Terran miners pass through this sector on their way to and from Grand Exchange or Nopileos Fortune II. Their passage in unoccupied space makes them easy pickings for any player attempting to set themselves up as a pirate.

If the player opts to side with the Duke's Buccaneers/Tempest, this sector becomes vitally important to supplying their monstrous station with the materials to operate their war machine. Failing to supply the Duke's puts them at a significant disadvantage as the Duke's won't attempt to field traders and are hence entirely dependent on player and Teladi trade to maintain their sole station.


Duke's Haven

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