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A food ware consumed by station habitation modules of the Teladi.

Minimal Price48
Average Price60
Maximum Price72
Storage TypeContainer
Max Profit Per Ware24
Max Profit Per Unit Volume24
ProducersNostrop Oil Production
Base Production Per Production Module (No./h)3,840
Max Workforce Production Bonus (+%)24
Production Resource 1 (No./h): Energy Cells480
Production Resource 2(No./h): Spices140
Production Resource 3 (No./h): Sunrise Flowers480
Production Resource 4(No./h): Water480
Production Batch Time (s)300

Teladi S Biome

Teladi M Biome

Teladi L Biome

Consumption Rate 1 (No./h): Idle Workunit152
Consumption Rate 2 (No./h): Busy Workunit228
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