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Governing Faction: Teladi Company

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Encyclopedia Entry

Open Market is a system which accommodates some of the most remote trading outposts of the Teladi Company. The traders who made this system their home, are notoriously tough, and ruthless. This can be attributed to their close proximity to the Split families, and the lawlessness and piracy surrounding them. When Jump Gates shut down, the Teladi in this system were left to their own devices, and their conduct shifted further away from that of the regular Teladi Company. In order to survive the isolation, they increased trade with the Split and tailored their supply to the Split's needs for labour. Upon reconnecting with the larger Commonwealth, many Teladi from outside the system voiced their unease about their connection to the slave trade.

Resource values


Notable Stations


Inter-System Connections


Open Market is a major trading centre for the Split factions and the Teladi Company as well as the occasional Argon trader.

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