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Reunion! The following page contains information relating to content from the Cradle of Humanity DLC

Governing Faction: Terran Protectorate

Map Coordinates:

Encyclopedia Entry

The dwarf planet Pluto is the largest object in the Kuiper Belt and, as such, was the obvious choice for the establishment of a base of operations for Kuiper Belt-based mining corporations. After it was discovered that the neighbouring Oort Cloud was occupied by renegade pirates, trying to sabotage Sol, Pluto saw a significant increase in military patrols. Nowadays, it is mostly inhabited by Segaris Pioneers, who do not mind its remote location, and also by some of the poorest Terran citizens, who do not have access to the core of the Sol system.

Resource Values

Sunlight Negligible

Notable Stations


Inter-Sector Connections


Pluto principally serves as a trade route between the mineral rich Oort Cloud and Neptune. The sector is also populated like Neptune with a mix of Terran and Segarian stations

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