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Plot Spoilers

This page contains major plot spoilers for the Paranid Civil War Plot.

Short Name: TRI

Moniker(s): The Trinity

Race Description

The physically imposing Paranid are often regarded as arrogant by several races which usually stems from their exceptional mathematic skills and religious fervour. Allied with the Split and distrusting of the Argon, the Paranid have been in several conflicts where they use their technological prowess and multilevel thinking to gain tactical advantages.

Faction Description

The Realm of the Trinity is the unified successor to the former states of the Godrealm of the Paranid and the Holy Order of the Pontifex. Through its inception, the unthinkable geometric paradox of the two Pontifices has been remedied, and thus the Paranid Civil War officially brought to an end. Though there were numerous attempts to sabotage the negotiations, including a heinous attack on the construction site of the anonymously funded Sacrosanct Conclave, unity was ultimately achieved and defended by a most holy alliance of benefactors and proponents of peace. The political goals of the Trinity of Pontifices remain yet unknown, though it is universally expected that they will use their newly gained power to shift the political climate of the network towards peaceful coexistence.





As the unified successor to the Godrealm of the Paranid and the Holy Order of the Pontifex the Realm of the Trinity controls all of its progenitor's sectors at the time of unification. The realm of the Trinity's Headquarters and faction representative is located in Pious Mists II in the Sacrosanct Conclave built during the unification plot.


The Realm of the Trinity is capable of fielding both vanguard and sentinel variants of Paranid vessels as well as the HOP and PAR unique ships and weapons.

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