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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Governing Faction: Xenon

Map Coordinates:

Former Name(s): Family Rhy (X3)

Encyclopedia Entry

This system used to be the home of the venerable Family Rhy. Patriarch Rhy was a proud and respected ruler who kept his subjects in line throughout the isolation brought upon them by the Gates shutting down. He maintained a tight network of allies, the most notable of which was the Patriarch of all Split, Rhonkar, whom Rhy served as a spymaster in his expansionist campaigns. Rhy could trust his patron to keep the other Split families from making moves against him. This secure situation changed considerably when the Gates reactivated again, and Rhy found himself in close proximity to Xenon territory.

He reached out to Rhonkar for help, but he soon realised that he was on his own. Patriarch Zyarth had overthrown Rhonkar and was looking to establish himself as the uncontested ruler of Split society. He offered Patriarch Rhy a helping hand, but only under the condition that he subject himself to Zyarth rule. The proud Patriarch refused the offer. Instead, he mounted a final defence against the encroaching Xenon invaders. Some Split subjects fled the system, looking to join the newly established Free Families, but most stood their ground until the very end.

Resource values


Notable Stations


  • Debris Field

Inter-System Connections


By far the weaker of the two Xenon sectors in the area, it can still be reinforced by the incredibly strong presence in Matrix #598.

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