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High Seas Ahead! The following page contains information relating to content from the Tides of Avarice DLC

Short Name: RIP


Race Description

The descendants of Terran colonists stranded from Earth centuries ago, the Argon became their own thriving civilisation covering a great many systems and forging relations with several alien races. Throughout their short history the Argon Federation has been plagued by war, notably with the Xenon. Their greatest challenge however came from the unlikely source of the reconnected Terrans of Earth where they were plunged into the costly Terran Conflict.

Faction Description

The Riptide Rakers are a loose collective of miners, traders and scavengers, perpetually down on their luck and struggling to ensure their continued existence. Their way of life has been forged by the hostile environments of the Avarice system. Largely disorganised, and without any military capabilities, they do not pose a threat to any of the other inhabitants of the Jump Gate network; nor would they want to, since they are entirely focused on their own survival.

Being extremely resourceful, the Riptide Rakers have specialised in scrapping wrecked ships and other space debris commonly found in and around Avarice. Ingeniously making use of the exceptional stellar properties of Avarice, they are uniquely capable of maintaining an economy almost entirely focussed on recycling and reusing materials. Since they are generally on good terms with the other groups inhabiting the network, they have taken to dismantling wrecks and trading their recycled materials on a larger scale, ever since their gate re-established a connection.

Their resourcefulness and resilience is only matched by their stubbornness. Despite regularly suffering from the impact of the Tide, they stoically continue to live under the hazardous circumstances that make their large scale operations possible. In recent years they have found ways to shelter from the most devastating effects of the phenomenon, but stranded ships and the occasional station are still tragically annihilated. Many inhabitants of the network wonder why the Riptide Rakers would expose themselves to these dangers, but if you asked a Riptide Raker, the answer would be quite simple. They have become numb to the dangers of Avarice. It is their way of life, they will tell you, and they really just have nowhere else to go.




Spoilers ahead

This page contains spoilers about the locale of sectors. If you want a spoiler-free introduction take a look at the The X-Universe And Map page

The Riptide Rakers have made the entirety of Avarice their home (sectors I, IV and V) and exclusively border the Vigour Syndicate. Within their system they maintain a wharf in Avarice I and Tidebreak station (a protectyon depot and trading hub) in Avarice IV. Unique among factions, the Riptide Rakers start without a shipyard but will attempt to build one as the game progresses, the construction of the shipyard can be profitable by supplying the build plot with resources. The shipyard's importance can be demonstrated by the fact that it is the sole producer of the Teuta (the player can also buy the blueprint), the Riptide Raker's large class of recycle ships.


The Riptide Rakers are largely pacifists and do not operate any military ships of their own, outsourcing protection to the predatory Vigour Syndicate. They do, however, operate medium size traders that they purchase from the Alliance of the Word (Mercury, Ides, Vulture and Tern class traders) in addition to domestically produced Raleigh class small transports. The Raleigh is especially important to the Riptide Rakers as in addition to having a container freight model, there is also a condensate freight model which enables the transport of protectyon.

Ultimately, the Riptide Rakers are scavengers and produce the Manticore class tug ship and the Teuta class mobile recycling ship domestically for their operations. These vessels feed Avarice's scrap processing factories and drive the majority of the Riptide Raker's economy.

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