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Reunion! The following page contains information relating to content from the Cradle of Humanity DLC

Governing Faction: Xenon, minor Yaki presence

Map Coordinates:

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

This system was once heavily infested by Kha'ak, and so remained mostly uninhabited apart from the occasional Paranid explorer who dared to encroach. Due to its secluded nature, the system was also rumoured to be a haven for ruthless pirates who tried to avoid outside scrutiny. Shortly before the Jump Gates shut down, a sizeable Xenon fleet entered the system and began decimating the Kha'ak presence. It is entirely plausible that unsuspecting pirates were caught in the crossfire and found themselves trapped in close proximity to the Xenon, unable to escape. One can only wonder how long they held out before they perished.

Notable Stations

  • Xenon Wharf (SS1)
  • Xenon Shipyard (SS1)
  • Yaki Wharf (Faction Headquarters) (SS1)


  • Amplifier (SS1)


Savage Spur makes up the 3rd system in the Matrix #79B region and houses 2 of the region's 5 sectors. Savage Spur is unique in the known Jumpgate Network for being the only system to feature a Unidirectional superhighway allowing one-way travel from Savage Spur I to Savage Spur II and beyond.

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