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Governing Faction: Xenon

Map Coordinates:

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

Once a pride of Teladi Company space, Scale Plate Green was overrun by the Xenon early in the period of the Jump Gate shutdown. Despite fearless defending from the Company and its allies, the Xenon fleet proved too strong, annihilating those that did not flee.

Since it was reconnected to the network, Teladi scouts have recorded that Scale Plate Green continues to be heavily defended by the Xenon, acting as a staging area for incursions into both Teladi and Paranid space.

Notable Stations


  • Data Vault (SPG7)
  • Debris field (SPG1)


Scale Plate Green is a significant and aggressive Xenon system despite its pronounced vulnerability. The system retains only limited ore and silicon necessary to sustain the Xenon war machine, and miners are often instead sent out into Turquoise Sea to gather resources, if they are successful in this the Xenon can overtake Company Regard but if they do not, regular attrition means the Xenon can run out of resources completely and subsequently get wiped out.

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