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Governing Faction: Antigone Republic

Map Coordinates:

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

Within hours of the Jump Gates in Second Contact opening, fleets from both the Antigone Republic and the Holy Order of the Pontifex had arrived in system. Ownership of the system remained disputed for many years, with skirmishes from both factions commonplace.

With the start of the Paranid Civil War though, the Paranid could no longer afford to keep up their offensive and the Antigone Republic claimed the system as its own colony. Since, it has become a profitable trading hub, linking the Antigone Republic to the Argon Federation, and acts as a buffer to the Holy Order.

Notable Stations

  • Hatikvah Free Port (SC7)



The majority of the Antigone Republic's mining industry is based in the system making it critical to the faction's successes. Furthermore, it serves as a buffer for the core Argon and Antigone systems cementing its vital role.

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