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Governing Faction: Antigone Republic

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Encyclopedia Entry

Though many of the exchanges between the Paranid and the Argon in Second Contact occurred in Second Contact II, perhaps the biggest actually occurred here. The battle was won because of the snap decision made by Fleet Admiral Siy Keswen to launch an offensive against the Paranid, still preparing their forces on the outskirts of the system.

The battle proved difficult, with the Paranid outnumbering the then fledgling Antigone Republic fleet, but Keswen was able to pull his people through, and the Argon were able to force the Paranid to flee back towards, giving the Antigone another day of respite.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations


Inter-Sector Connections


Another resource staple for the Antigone Republic, this sector is far more relaxed in comparison to its warring adjacent sector. Combat is rare, especially at gamestart and the sector can be a great introduction to sector mining and refineries.

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