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Governing Faction: Antigone Republic

Map Coordinates:

Encyclopedia Entry

After the Battle at Second Contact II, the Antigone Argon were safely able to colonise this sector, for the surprise halt in fighting caused by Admiral Keswen's brave attack.

The sector has since become a small haven for the Antigone Republic - one that they are incredibly proud of. Rich with natural resources and within touching distance of the moon, Icon, from which you can be swiftly transported to the planet aptly named Sanctuary, the sector has seen a lot of growth since the start of the Paranid Civil War, and many hope it remains so when the conflict ends.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations


  • Data Vault

Inter-Sector Connections


Even more relaxed than the other second contact sectors this sector is quite isolated from other regions of the jumpgate network which makes it hostile to setting it up as an economic base.


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